the world of fragrances is an enormous wealth of sensual impressions for a flesh and spirit... Choosing an appropriate scent to the company can be compared with a piece of art. Our fragrances are an effect of a hard work and experience of our perfumists. We present some examples of them and their descriptions. It is only some sample of our scent possibilities. There is also an opportunity to create an unique scent for our client.

Quality of our fragrances is proven by standards according to IFRA regulations (

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ad*aroma - marketing zapachowy

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Definicja marketingu zapachowego

Marketing zapachowy (aromamarketing) - koncepcja marketingowa, polegająca na aromatyzowaniu pomieszczeń firmy. Podstawowym zadaniem aromamarketingu jest stworzenie przyjemnej, prozakupowej atmosfery w miejscu sprzedaży oraz w punktach obsługi klienta.